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Beardtamer Natural Soap

The Beardtamer Natural Soap cleans and cares for your beard and hair. The castor oil it contains strengthens your hair from the roots and makes it thicker and stronger. The burdock root extract is rich in tannins, mucus and tannins, which stimulate healthy blood circulation in the skin and have a natural antiseptic effect against bacteria. Traditionally, burdock root extract is used in skin care for problems such as irritated skin, acne, dermatoses or skin infections. In hair care, burdock root extract is a well-known remedy for hair loss and has an astringent (astringent) effect on the regulation of excessive sebum production.

Due to the dense foam and the high fat content, the soap is also suitable as a shaving soap.

The scent is characterized by rosemary and alpine hay, it disappears soon after washing and you can use the beard oil of your choice with your favorite scent.

Content: approx. 110g

Our natural soap is made by hand in cooperation with the Klosterhof in Seedorf UR.

Beardtamer Natural Soap

SKU: BT_022
  • Coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, burdock root extract, rosemary, alpine hay

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